Cyber Security

Career Accelerator Bundle (FCIS+CISMP+PCIIRM +Exams)
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InfoSec Skills

InfoSec Skills

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The Career Accelerator Bundle (CAB) offers a learning and professional certification pathway for people who know what they want to do and where they want to go in their cyber career, in the shortest time and at the best possible price.


The bundle includes two levels of certification: Foundation and Practitioner, with four disciplines to choose from at the practitioner level. The bundle contains three professional e-Learning certification courses and three exams and you can even choose the practitioner level course at a later date once you have decided which discipline you would like to concentrate on. With unlimited access until you pass the exams, you can plan your schedule and take all the time you need to achieve three industry recognised professional certificates or take the courses back-to-back to accelerate your learning and your earning potential.

Foundation Certificate in Information Security (FCIS) + Exam
Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) + Exam
Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCiIRM) + Exam


A good knowledge of IT is preferred.

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  • Course Title: Career Accelerator Bundle (FCIS+CISMP+PCIIRM +Exams)
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