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InfoSec Skills


The Foundation Certificate in Information Security (FCIS) course is designed to provide the foundation of knowledge necessary for individuals who have IT or information security responsibilities as part of their day-to-day role, or who are thinking of moving into an information security function. Every member of IT staff should have this knowledge. If your IT staff do not know what a Business Impact Analysis is or do not understand the significance of Risk Assessments or do not know what to do during an incident, then it may be time to baseline all your IT staff with this course. The FCIS course introduces the concept of and disciplines within Information Assurance and how this can contribute to and form part of the overall business strategy for an organisation. It provides the opportunity for those exploring or moving into information security roles to enhance or refresh their knowledge and, in the process, gain a recognised industry qualification, regulated by the Global Certification Institute (GCI). This is useful to both the individual and employer in terms of attesting to the level of professional ability an individual has attained.


Why should you attend?

This course is intended for anyone who has an interest in information security, either for potential or existing security professionals, or as an additional part of his or her general business knowledge, for example, the material covered on this course would make good supporting material for network/system administrators who have, or who are taking on, additional security responsibilities, business managers, IT managers, security analysts and IT staff. When used as a baseline for all IT staff this course ensures that they speak the same language as your security team and that they understand why the security team do what they do.


Knowledge of IT would be advantageous but not essential. An understanding of the general principles of information technology security would be useful

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