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Intrusion Analysis & Digital Forensics Essentials (IADFE)
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InfoSec Skills

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The Intrusion Analysis & Digital Forensics Essentials (IADFE) course is the first cross discipline course of its kind that covers the essential knowledge and skills needed for intrusion detection, incident handling, computer/network forensics and malware reverse engineering. This course raises the bar and sets a new security baseline for aspiring Intrusion Analysis and Digital Forensics professionals. Every team member should take this course before embarking upon their very own, more specialised, career path. Following this course a student may challenge the CREST core skills exam resulting in the CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst (CRIA) qualification, which confers CREST Registered status to the individual.


THE STORY OF AN ATTACK FROM START TO FINISH ..... How to detect an attack, how to handle it, how to trace and acquire the evidence, investigate, analyse and re-construct the incident. We then lay the groundwork for malware analysis by presenting the key tools and techniques malware analysts use to examine malicious programs. Practical exercises throughout ensure that the skills learned can be put to work immediately.


Experience with Windows and Unix basic command language plus some knowledge of hacker techniques and computer forensics is recommended.

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  • Course Title: Intrusion Analysis & Digital Forensics Essentials (IADFE)
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