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ILX Group’s accredited M_o_R Foundation online course covers all aspects of the M_o_R guidance using voice-over, animation and activities. The course takes approximately 12 hours to complete, equivalent to a three day workshop. The main body of the course consists of ten sessions which covers the principles, approach, processes, embedding & reviewing and perspectives of the Management of Risk guidance. The course also looks at Risk Health Checks, the Management of Risk Maturity Model and Risk Management Specialisms.


Course Syllabus:

M_o_R Introduction

• The purpose of the M_o_R Guide
• What is Risk Management and why is it important?
• Corporate Governance and Internal Control
• Where and when should Risk Management be applied?
• Risk Specialisms
• AXELOS Best Practice guidance

M_o_R Walkthrough

• An overview and introduction to the structure of M_o_R
• An introduction to the Principles, Approach,
• Processes, Embedding and Reviewing and
• Perspectives contained in the Management of
• Risk guidance

M_o_R Principles

• A detailed review of the 8 principles which underpin the M_o_R guidance

M_o_R Approach

• A look at the set of documentation which support the M_o_R approach, including the Risk Management policy, process guide, strategies and so on.

M_o_R Processes

• The 4 main M_o_R processes of Identify, Assess, Plan and Implement, along with the process inputs, outputs, goals, tasks and techniques involved.

Embedding & Reviewing M_o_R

• This session looks at changing organisational culture, measuring the value and how to overcome the common barriers associated with the implementation of Risk Management, along with establishing opportunities for change
M_o_R Perspectives
• The M_o_R guidance describes the context of Risk Management from 4 different organisational perspectives. These are Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational and this session looks at each in some detail.

M_o_R Health Check & Maturity Model

• M_o_R’s Health check tool, its purpose, process and framework
• An introduction to the Management of Risk maturity model, its use, composition and the benefits

M_o_R Specialisms

• A look at some of the risk specialisms, including the management of Business continuity, Incident and crisis, Health and safety, Security and Financial risk

M_o_R Foundation Exam Technique

• How to approach the M_o_R examination

M_o_R Examination Simulator

• Featuring sample questions in the style of the M_o_R examination and timed to assist your preparation

What's Included

• 12 months online access to our accredited M_o_R Foundation course
• Full tutor support, plus many additional materials to help put
• M_o_R into practice
• M_o_R Foundation mock exam revision tool
• Online exam with remote invigilation

Please note: A Back up CD is available as an optional extra for this product and will only be valid for the course period


Multiple-Choice exam
• 1 hour duration
• 75 questions (including five trial questions)
• 50% pass mark (35/70)
• Closed-book.


The course will be of benefit to all levels of management including: • Corporate Managers – responsible for corporate governance and the organisation’s overall exposure to risk • Programme Managers – responsible for risk relating to specific programmes • Project Managers – responsible for managing risk in projects • Operational Managers – responsible for risks that affect the on-going continuity of business services • All other personnel who have an interest or responsibility for the Management of Risk within their organisation


  • Location: Online
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2894
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: M_o_R® Foundation E-learning (inc exam)
  • Duration: 0 Days
  • Cost: £510 (Ex VAT)
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